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What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A neighbourhood plan identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges that face an area or neighbourhood.

It proposes activities or projects that will result in an improved neighbourhood and does three main things: It provides a vision of what you would like your neighbourhood to look like, sets out clear goals to achieve that vision, and outlines an action plan to reach these goals.

The neighbourhood plan also guides the development of partnerships between Wulvern, the local residents, Cheshire East Council, community organisations, other government agencies and local businesses.

The neighbourhood plans will lead and inform decisions on:-

  • The improvement programme to existing properties and neighbourhoods
  • The building of new homes
  • Re-developing homes
  • Environmental programmes such as driveways/parking schemes
  • New housing services and products e.g. ‘green’ initiatives such as solar panel heating
  • Improving maintenance and access to green spaces for leisure
  • Developing existing and new partnerships
  • Working with partners and residents to attract additional funding and resources to neighbourhoods wherever possible


How is a Neighbourhood Plan put together?

Neighbourhood plans are documents produced by Wulvern for each neighbourhood in which we have homes. They are prepared following consultation with residents and other stakeholders in the areas, such as Cheshire Police, Cheshire East Council, Parish Councils and various community groups. This enables the plan to be fully informed, relevant and appropriate to the needs of the community.


How will it be used?

Using the information collected in the plan, Wulvern will produce an action plan for each Neighbourhood which will span the next five years of investment. We will strive to deliver the plan through productive partnerships, innovative ways of working and proven best practice. Copies of the completed plans can be downloaded below and you can receive updated summaries of the plans as we track our progress through the action plan.


How to get involved

As the Neighbourhood Plans are produced, your involvement is vital. If you have helped with the Plan for your area we thank you for your support and hope you will continue to be involved as your ideas are actioned.

Look out for the flyer which will tell you when the team are coming to your neighbourhood and make sure you take the opportunity to influence investment in your area. Whether you are a Wulvern customer or a private resident, it’s your neighbourhood. Your views and local knowledge are invaluable us.


Your plans

Please click on the links below to view the neighbourhood plan for your area. If your area is not listed below, click on the neighbourhood plan timetable to see when we will be in your area.


Wulvern’s neighbourhood plan for Selworthy

Wulvern’s neighbourhood plan for The Rurals (south)

Wulvern's neighbourhood plan for Cronkinson

Wulvern's neighbourhood plan for Valley

Wulvern's neighbourhood plan for Maw Green 

Please note the Neighbourhood Plan for Gresty is currently under review by Wulvern's Regeneration Team.  If you have any comments or suggestions please call 01270 503665.

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