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What is RISE?

RISE is a group of Wulvern customers who review and improve services for everyone! Working in partnership with Wulvern we review Wulvern’s services and make recommendations to Wulvern’s Board for how they could be improved on behalf of all Wulvern customers.

RISE is supported by Wulvern’s Customer Involvement Team and enjoy a training programme which helps us to carry out our scrutiny work.

What do RISE do?

RISE decide what service we want to review. We use a number of methods to review services which include…

  • Telephoning customers and asking them for their views
  • Presentations from Wulvern
  • Observing Wulvern’s call centre
  • Carrying out surveys with staff and customers
  • Reviewing customer complaints
  • Spending time in the work place with members of Wulvern staff
  • Reviewing performance information
  • Finding out what matters to customers
  • Reviewing reports
  • Collecting and analysing data

After we have carried out our research, we agree our findings and make recommendations for improvements. We then produce a report which we present to Wulvern’s Board.

We are holding an information session for tenants and leaseholders to find out mor

What’s in it for you?

Getting involved can be very rewarding. It also gives you the opportunity to…

  • See the difference your views can make
  • Meet new people and make friends
  • Learn new skills
  • Increase your confidence
  • Learn more about Wulvern's latest news and development
  • Enjoy seeing the difference you make
  • Have fun!

So If you think RISE may be for you, get in touch!

If you would like more information or are interested in joining RISE or any other involvement activity, please contact Wulvern’s Customer Involvement Team on 01270 503588 or email
involveme@wulvernhousing.org.uk and get involved today!



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