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involving customers

Tell us what you think and make a real difference! 

Wulvern truly believe that you, our customers, should have a say in the services you receive and the issues that affect you.  By having your say we can ensure services are improved and are provided to a high standard.  We understand that when changes are made, the best people to advisee us are the customers themselves.

There are lots of ways you can get involved in decisions about the home you live in and the services you receive.  Have a look at the list below to see what interests you:

Complaints Panel - Are you good at resolving disputes and seeing an issue from all perspectives?  Our new complaints panel may be for you!

Homewords Panel - Help us create our customer magazine!  From research, writing, producing articles to proof reading, you can be involved.  You can send us your ideas by email or post or you can come along to planning meetings.  The panel meet two or three times a year.

RISE - Reviewing and Improving Services for Everyone.  Do you want a more in depth view of services and the ultimate opportunity to work with us to make changes?  RISE is Wulvern’s tenant scrutiny panel.  Tenants and leaseholders can apply to join.  The panel review, scrutinise and improve Wulvern by exploring different services.

Recruitment Panel - Help Wulvern interview applicants for any customer facing vacancies at Wulvern so we can ensure we pick the right people for the job.  We offer training and support to help you know what to look for. 

Crystal Clear Readers - Help us ensure the documents, leaflets and magazines we send out are easy to understand and read.  Crystal Clear readers proof read all the major documents we send out.  This would normally be done by you at home - you can send your comments to us by email or freepost.

Rural Group - Do you live in a rural area and want a say on the issues that affect you?  The group meet 4 times a year, it’s great chance to make new friends and share common interests.  The group decide the issues most important to them and help create the rural page for the Homewords magazine. 

Active for Age Panel - for customers who are in receipt of the Active for Age service you can:

  • Have a say on how the Active for Age service is run
  • Discuss and influence any changes to the service
  • Suggest articles and review editions of ‘Your Call’, the magazine for customers on the Active for Age service.

Wulvern Fun Day - Help us plan the event or take part on the day. We welcome all ideas and suggestions.  Get in touch and tell us what you would like.

Focus groups - Are you happy to come along and give us your views as long as it’s not too often?  Focus group may be the answer. These are one off meetings used to develop ideas with you and understand your opinions on specific service areas. 

Mystery shopping - Fancy being a detective? Can you think on your feet? Try Mystery Shopping! Mystery shoppers are customer volunteers who test our front line services. Training and support is given.  We need new members so, fancy a secret mission? Get in touch!

VFM Panel - Help us create the best value for money (VFM) we can for our customers. The VFM Panel meet quarterly and help Wulvern in a variety of ways to provide the best value for money services for all customers.

Grounds Maintenance Panel - Interested in all things green? The panel meet quarterly and monitor the work of Wulvern’s grounds maintenance contractor.  You’ll work in pairs to do your own inspections of Wulvern’s green spaces and feedback your findings at meetings.  You’ll also go on visits to other housing associations to see if they do things differently.


Wulvern is committed to provide you with easy opportunities to give us your views. These opportunities are tailored to suit you. 

To help you get involved we offer the following support:


If you need childcare to attend a customer involvement activity we will pay the cost of this for you.  You just need to get a receipt from your regular child carer and either we will pay them directly or we will refund you if you pay them. Your child carer must be officially registered for us to do this.

Sometimes it may be possible for you to bring your child with you.


We will arrange and pay for a taxi to pick you up from your home and bring you to the involvement activity.  The taxi will return you home when the activity is over.

Travel expenses

If you wish to use your own vehicle we will assist with your fuel costs. You will need to complete a customer mileage form and we will arrange for you to be reimbursed.


Some of our involvement activities require you to take part in training sessions to give you a greater understanding of the services we provide.

In some instances - such as being a tenant board member - this training is a statutory requirement.

Training may be carried out by Wulvern staff or by outside providers. We will reimburse you the cost of any travel and any reasonable out of pocket expenses.

Everyone attending training courses will get a certificate of recognition. These certificates can be used to demonstrate the skills you have learnt when you apply for employment or membership of other groups.

We would love you to join us, so, what are you waiting for?

If you are interested in getting involved please contact either:

Ali Rowlands, Customer Involvement Manager

Tel 01270 503588 or email alison.hyde@wulvernhousing.org.uk

Amanda Gott, Customer Involvement Co-ordinator

Tel 01270 503621 or email amanda.gott@wulvernhousing.org.uk


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