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board membership policy

Currently, membership of the Association is limited to Board members. Membership of the Board entitles the Board member to be a member of the Association and may vote at an AGM. Except for Council Board members who are nominated by the Local Authority. In this case the Local Authority is a Corporate member of the Association and has one vote only.

We are committed to listening to what matters to our customers and improving our services to meet these needs. Wulvern's Board are in the process of establishing a tenant scrutiny panel which will report to the Board on the Wulvern customer experience and performance.

The Board has responsibility for strategic decision making and for directing the business of the Association. Election to Board membership will reflect these responsibilities.

At our September 2012 AGM, Board approved a scheme universal payment of all Board members.

Payment of members

The following payments are in line with other Housing Associations of a similar size and the Tenant’s Ombudsman Service:-

Independent Board member        £3000 pa

Chair                                        £8000 pa

Vice Chair                                 £5000 pa

Chairs of Committees                 £6525 pa

Tenant Board member                £3000 pa

Schedule 1 of the Housing Act 1996

There are also restrictions on the receipt of other benefits by Board members, their families and firms that they control (these are fully covered in the Association’s ‘Code of Conduct for Board Members’). Out of pocket expenses are paid.

The Board is limited in size to 12 members, including co-optees.

The Association will henceforth implement the National Housing Federation’s recommendation to restrict the size of the Board to 12 members.

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