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board member skills and expertise


The Board should collectively possess the qualities required to take decisions and monitor the Association’s performance.  The Board will need experience and understanding of the following to be able to discharge their responsibilities effectively.


  • Housing association finance, business planning, treasury management & institutional investment
  • Board and Committee structure and functioning
  • Knowledge of governance and group structures and subsidiaries
  • Key issues and risks for Wulvern Housing
  • Housing Management & Customer insight
  • Legal matters and housing association regulation
  • Equality, Diversity and Community Relations
  • Health and care sector
  • Property development/ Asset Management
  • Human resource management
  • Public relations
  • Information technology
  • Strategic management
  • Human Resource Management


All Board Members share responsibility for its decisions and should act only in the interest of Wulvern Housing Limited and not on behalf of any constituency or interest group.


Recruitment will recognise that at any time there may be a deficit in particular skills or experience on the Board.  The Board will also be mindful of its equal opportunity policy and applications will be positively welcomed from women, members of ethnic minorities and disabled people. 



The Board requires Members who:

  1. Take a strategic overview
  2. Have the ability to listen and respond and to contribute to group discussions positively and objectively
  3. Can work with staff, residents and stakeholders with confidence, integrity and selflessness
  4.  Maintain high standard of ethical behaviour at all times
  5. Are able to devote sufficient time to the affairs of the Board
  6. Maintain confidentiality and probity
  7. Understand business risk, regulation and compliance.





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