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What is affordable rent?

The Government is looking to introduce greater flexibility in the social housing system. Allowing Registered Providers, such Wulvern, to offer a wider range of rental options to meet changing housing needs.

The introduction of Affordable Rents will ensure that we can continue to provide more affordable homes and secure the future viability of Wulvern for its existing and future customers.



Affordable Rent is intended to help those who would not otherwise have been able to afford housing in the private sector. It is designed to provide an alternative to traditional social rent and provide greater access to affordable homes for more people

The difference between Social Rent and Affordable Rent is that Affordable Rent will be slightly higher as it allows the landlord to charge up to 80% of market rent levels within the local area. But these rents will still be low and affordable.


How will it work?

Affordable Rents will only apply to new development or converted void properties and will not apply to all social housing such as housing for the elderly.

Affordable Rent properties will be allocated in the same way that social rent properties are now through Cheshire HomeChoice and there will be no change to the services tenants will receive.

Registered Providers will be able to offer Affordable Rent on fixed short- term tenancies, but they will also retain the option to offer lifetime tenancies.


Will Housing Benefit pay the higher rent?

In most cases if you are eligible for housing benefit and your family type is suited for the property then the answer will be  ‘yes’.  However, if you are unsure please call the Housing Benefit Team on 0300 123 5013


What does it mean for existing customers?

The rights and rent levels of existing Wulvern tenants with ‘Assured’ Social Rents will not be affected by this change unless they move to a property allocated for Affordable Rent.


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